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    The head of Israeli military intelligence, who last year accepted responsibility for the failures that allowed the Hamas-led attack on Israel on Oct. 7, has resigned, the military said in a statement on Monday.

  2. 'Plastic

    A key week of negotiations kicks off Tuesday, as representatives descend on Ottawa to tackle the worldwide issue of plastic pollution. The fourth and penultimate installment of talks tees up a final session later this year in Korea, where parties hope to sign onto a binding global treaty on plastic.

  3. 'People

    Israeli strikes on the southern Gaza city of Rafah overnight killed 22 people, including 18 children, health officials said Sunday, as the United States was on track to approve billions of dollars of additional military aid to Israel, its close ally.

  4. 'Two

    Passover is a celebration of freedom for Jews, commemorating the exodus of ancient Israelites from slavery in Egypt. However, this year the Israel-Hamas war is making the mood more sombre.

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    Frank DeAngelis was the principal of the Colorado high school during the 1999 shooting when 12 students and a teacher were killed. DeAngelis reflects on the day of the shooting when he helped students hide from the shooters and why he decided to stay on as principal.